Sh’Zen Vitamin Pills for Nails


Get stronger, healthier and faster-growing nails within just two months with this targeted vitamin
supplement. The carefully combined levels of minerals and vitamins feed the new nail cells so that even
the weakest nails are vastly improved.


• Kelp is rich in the vitamins and minerals that nails needs, and is easily absorbed by the body.
• Calcium strengthens and supports nail structure. It is necessary to maintain nail shape, colour,
sheen, growth and strength.
• Magnesium, Phosphorous and Zinc aid protein synthesis and healthy enzyme function. They are
important for the growth, development and health of body tissues.
• Ferrous gluconate is used to treat or prevent iron deficiency anaemia. Iron is needed to provide
your cells with adequate oxygen, which, in turn, is necessary for healthy nails.
• Choline Bitartrate helps to strengthen brittle nails.
• Biotin promotes healthy cell growth and aids in the metabolism of protein-building amino acids that
are essential for nail growth.
• Vitamins A, D, B1, B2, B3 and B6 are necessary for keeping nails strong and health.
Take two tablets daily, preferably in the morning. The combination of B vitamins improves energy but
may keep you awake at night if taken after lunchtime. Results are visible within six to eight weeks and
can also be seen in healthier skin and hair.
120 tablets in a plastic bottle (2 months’ supply)