Sh’Zen Tree Therapy Massage Concentrate


Infused with eight evergreen tree oils the aroma, creates like trees in a forest, a feeling of deep inner
calm and stillness. Tree essential oils offer many health benefits meeting our biological need to connect
with nature, delivering the deep green aromas of the forest into your home and work place. Eight
tree essential oils are known to help counteract everyday techno-stresses including irritability, mental
exhaustion and fatigue, while the beautiful aroma cleanses the air, and helps to reset and restore inner


• Cedarwood has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. A natural sedative, it is emotionally
grounding and promotes the feelings of safety and tranquillity.
• Cypress is an astringent and works to stabilise sebaceous secretions. It also calms irritability and
relaxes tense muscles.
• Myrtle relaxes and maintains the stability and balance of the nervous system. It relieves anxiety and
chronic stress and disinfects and protects open wounds.
• Pine Bud extract has strong disinfectant properties and acts as an antibacterial and antiviral agent.
It also works to cool and soothe skin and boost circulation.

• White Camphor is a strong decongestant, ideal for clearing out blocked pores, plus its anti-
inflammatory properties make it useful in treating the inflammation

associated with acne.
• Rosewood promotes skin rejuvenation and healing and has a comforting
aroma that alleviates fatigue.
• Frankincense eases muscular aches and pains, has a healing and
rejuvenating action on the skin, and promotes a feeling of peace.
• Amyris balsamifera, more commonly known as West Indian
Candlewood and is known to improve sleep quality, protect the
immune system, ease muscle tension, prevent premature ageing
and improve respiratory health.

50ml brown homeopathic dropper bottle
Massage onto upper chest and back area, and under feet allowing
the oils to penetrate into the skin and infuse into a beautiful aroma.
• Tree Therapy Forest Bathing Cleansing Gel (250ml)
• Tree Therapy forest Bathing Bath Crystals (450g)
Resets and restores inner harmony.