Sh’Zen Skin Stimulator Oval or Rectangular


Made of hard-wearing, hygienic Filtrex, the Skin Stimulator is more versatile than a loofah and more
effective than a normal sponge. It works to remove dead skin cells to give you smoother, more radiant
skin – and it stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic drainage to boost toxin elimination and combat
cellulite. It can be used all over the body with any of the Sh’Zen body washes and is an essential part of
any anti-cellulite routine.


• Stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic drainage to help the body release toxins.
• Can be used daily as an exfoliating body sponge. It refines and tones the skin, and can be used to
prevent ingrown hairs.
• It retains its shape and is hygienic and long-lasting.

Use all over body to exfoliate and stimulate the skin. It can be used for dry body brushing, or can be
used wet with any of Sh’Zen’s cleansing shower gels.

Filtrex exfoliating sponge in either an oval or rectangular shape

• Any Sh’Zen shower Gel
• Upper Arm and Leg
Contour Gel (150g)

• Deep Tissue Anti-
Cellulite Concentrate


A healthier, smoother,
more polished body.