Sh’Zen Repair Cream


This nourishing hand cream stimulates natural healing processes to bring immediate comfort and relief
to dry, sensitive skin. Light and rapidly absorbed, it’s the perfect day cream for hands and will repair the
dehydrated, rough and cracked skin caused by day-to-day wear and tear. Regular use will ensure soft,
supple and beautiful hands.


• Allantoin is a soothing, non-irritating compound that works as an effective skin softener. It relieves
dryness and encourages healing by stimulating the growth of new, healthy tissue.
• Damage caused by wind, sun, water and work is quickly addressed and an improvement is almost
immediately evident.
• The fine texture means that the cream is quickly and fully absorbed so you can use your hands
immediately after application.
• The 75ml tube is perfect to carry in your handbag.
For best results, massage it into hands every morning. The Repair Cream can be used effectively on
other parts of the body too, for example, elbows and knees.

75ml tube with flip-top lid

• The Exfoliating Cream (100ml)
• The Treatment Cream (100ml)
• The Refining Balm for hands (75ml)
• Replenishing Serum for hands (30ml)

Smooth, repaired and moisturised skin.