Sh’Zen Fijnbos Cape Cactus Jelly


This soothing jelly is rich in wild-harvested Cape Aloe Ferox leaf gel, which is filled with natural
bio-protective properties. Deeply soothing, it offers a cell-energising and skin-hydrating boost. Its
combined with six Fynbos oils, steam-distilled from the indigenous Cape Floral Kingdom. These
herbaceous oils have unique medicinal properties that heal skin irritations, minimise signs of fatigue
and restore radiance and luminosity to all skin types.

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• Cape Aloe Ferox offers skin an energising moisture boost. The cool gel, extracted from the core
of the leaf, is rich in polysaccharides, amino acids and minerals, and has superior antiseptic and
anti-inflammatory properties. It instantly soothes and repairs damaged skin tissue, and visibly
improves the hydration levels of the skin.
• Cape May is a fragrant shrub with medicinal, skin-restorative properties.
• Cape Chamomile is a natural anti-inflammatory that instils a sense of wellbeing to both the skin
and the psyche.
• Cape Rose Geranium, with its intense rosy-sweet aroma, is excellent for restoring radiance,
suppleness and balance to all skin conditions.
• Cape Clary Sage is a natural phyto-hormone that triggers remarkable firming of the skin.
• Cape Snowbush is a restorative astringent that helps to prevent tissue degeneration and may
accelerate skin healing.
• African Wormwood, from the Cederberg mountains, acts as a natural analgesic and has natural
antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to help heal skin irritations.

Apply the Cape Cactus Jelly twice daily after cleansing and toning. Follow with your facial essence,
serum and moisturiser.

50ml glass jar

• Fijnbos Cape Floral Facial Essence

Skin is soothed, re-energised and plumped up
with moisture.