Sh’Zen EnneaEssence™ Hydrating Lotion SPF 15


This light, rapidly absorbed moisturiser calms and conditions skin, as well as protects it from sun and
environmental damage. The nine EnneaEssenceTM oils provide their healing, revitalising benefits, as
well as a warm, sensual fragrance. SoothexTM with Frankincense extracts calms and conditions skin,
Coriander energises, Sandalwood regenerates and Clove revives and strengthens. The SPF 15 protects
skin against sun damage and will help prevent signs of premature ageing.


• SoothexTM with Frankincense extracts helps to calm skin, as well as keep it hydrated and balanced.
• Rejuvenating Cedarwood treats oily skin and alleviates irritation and inflammation.
• Clary Sage has a regenerating action on dry or problem skin conditions.
• Clove has pain-relieving and disinfecting properties. It revives and strengthens skin.
• Coriander has a cooling, moisturising action. It is excellent for soothing rashes and razor burn.
• Geranium has an astringent, antiseptic action that regulates sebum output and helps to heal
• Lavender tones and revitalises skin, heals damaged tissue and prevents scarring.
• Lemon is a natural antiseptic and a great cleanser, especially on greasy skin and hair.
• Peppermint has a cooling action on the skin that helps to relieve pain, reduce inflammation and
treat sunburn.
• Sandalwood is very hydrating and is excellent for
treating dry, chapped or inflamed skin.

Apply morning and evening to freshly cleansed skin.
Use after shaving to restore balance, vitality and moisture
to the skin.

50ml tube

• EnneaEssenceTM Everyday Facial Wash (125ml)
• EnneaEssenceTM Ultra Calming Shaving Cream (125ml)
• EnneaEssenceTM Recovery Treatment (30ml)

Skin feels more comfortable, looks smoother
and firmer, and is protected from sun and
environmental damage.