Sh’Zen Dusk to Dawn Massage Oil


This revitalising body oil works as a natural insect-repellent thanks to its high concentration of
Citronella, Lemongrass and Peppermint. Applied to exposed skin, such as the legs and arms, it will
deter mosquitoes and other summer insects. Its soothing oils also help to calm and heal existing
bites, while its uplifting, fresh scent assists with relieving jet lag, tiredness and mental fatigue.


• Citronella has been used in oils and candles to deter mosquitoes for well over a century. The
fresh, uplifting oil is distilled from the aromatic leaves of grasses native to Sri Lanka and Java. A
natural antiseptic, skin deodorant and body tonic, it has stimulating and reviving properties that
invigorate the senses.
• Lemongrass has long been popular as a natural insect repellent due to its insecticidal
properties. It also works as an antiseptic on wounds, reduces pain and inflammation, and cools
inflamed or itchy skin. Plus, it is a wonderful overall tonic that energises body and mind.
• Astringent Lemon cleanses and purifies skin plus refreshes the mind and eliminates mental
• Lavender calms, soothes and heals.
• Peppermint also has natural insecticidal qualities. It is cooling and soothing on the skin, helping
to relieve pain and itchiness. Its invigorating scent eliminates mental fatigue supports better
mental clarity.
• Geranium has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. It promotes cell
regeneration and stimulates healing, relieves stress, clears the mind and uplifts the spirits.

50ml brown homeopathic dropper bottle

Massage into exposed skin as often as needed. Alternatively,
add a few drops to an aromatherapy burner.
NOTE: Not for use during pregnancy.
• Dusk to Dawn Spritzer (100ml)