Sh’Zen Detoxifying Toning Oil


A concentrated massage oil with draining and decongesting properties that helps to
combat cellulite and sreamline the body. Indicated as a ‘spring-cleanse’ product to relieve
the toxic overload of ingesting rich food and to energise and invigorate a lethargic, heavy
and sluggish lymphatic system.


•Grapefruit, stimulating and toning, fights cellulite formation, stimulates bile secretion
and boosts the lymphatic system.
•Fennel essential oil, cleansing and purifying, supports the health of the liver, kidneys
and spleen and helps to relieve constipation and toxicity.
•Juniper, detoxifying and toning, targets the build up of fats and cellulite, relieves fluid
retention and counters the stress of over eating.
•Hyssop supports the digestive system and works to relieve flatulence and indigestion.
•All in a base of Sweet Almond, Avocado, Jojoba and Soybean oils which feed,
condition and nourish skin.

100ml brown homeopathic dropper bottle

Use morning or evening when skin is still warm from your bath or
shower, or after dry body brushing with the Skin Stimulator. Apply
about 5ml to hands, then massage firmly into the lower back and
clockwise over the abdomen to target organs of elimination.
CAUTION: Not for use during pregnancy or by children
under 16. Avoid if suffering from kidney disease.

• Skin Stimulator (Oval or rectangular)
• Detoxifying Bath Crystals (450ml)
• Digestive Aid Massage Oil (50ml)

A healthy, toned and
streamlined body.