Sh’Zen Destressing Deep Relax Bath Oil


Let nature’s most soothing oils calm and relax you. Marjoram, Clary Sage, Lavender, Sandalwood and
Petitgrain synergise to create a heavenly aroma and are well known for their ability to relax the body,
restore equilibrium and evoke a deep sense of wellbeing. Six plant oils, including Rice Bran, Marula and
Macadamia, nourish and condition the skin and improve elasticity. A long soak in this 100% natural blend
is the perfect solution when you are feeling overtired and in need of some peace, tranquillity and a good
night’s sleep.


• Clary Sage eases anxiety and fights muscle pain.
• Lavender helps to combat insomnia.
• Marjoram is deeply relaxing and rebalancing.
• Petitgrain fights nervous exhaustion.
• Sandalwood reduces tension.
• Six plant oils, including Rice Bran, Marula and Macadamia Nut, nourish and condition skin.

100ml blue glass bottle in a box

Pour into a warm bath, lie back and relax.
Alternatively massage it into your
shoulders and neck before showering.

• Sh’Zen Destress Range
• Sleep Easy vegicaps

A feeling of deep relaxation and calm.