Sh’Zen Clear Skin Complex tablets


Skin is a powerful indicator of health, and problem skin can be a sign of a lack of essential vitamins and
minerals in our body. The ingredients in the Sh’Zen Clear Skin Complex encourage consistently clear,
healthy skin by supporting skin health and metabolism from within. While it can benefit all skin types, it
is particularly aimed at oily, combination and teenage skin that is prone to breakouts.


• Zinc controls the production of oil in the skin, and may also help to control some of the hormones
that create acne.
• Selenium is a powerful antioxidant that acts to prevent inflammation and cell damage, and to
promote better tissue elasticity.
• Magnesium helps to soothe and heal damaged skin.
• Vitamins A, C and E help to protect cells and promote repair.
• Thiamine has powerful antioxidant properties and helps to remove toxins
from the body as well as increasing circulation, for healthy, glowing skin.
• Riboflavin helps to maintain the mucus secretion of the skin to prevent
acne breakouts and dry skin. It also helps to clear up spots and revitalise
skin by promoting healthy cell turnover.

Take 1 tablet, morning and evening, with food and a large glass of water.
Caution: Not for use during pregnancy unless cleared by a medical
practitioner. Not suitable for children under 45kg in weight.

60 vegan tablets in a glass bottle

• The Sh’Zen Natural EssenceTM skincare range