Sh’Zen Cellular Boost For Neck & Bust


This rich, balm-like massage cream is formulated to protect and rehydrate your décolletage. It
contains Pink and White Pamplemousse essential oils, which work to tone and plump up delicate
skin, firm the breasts – and give skin a delightful, fresh fragrance.


• A trio of Pamplemousse oils tone and firm the skin. The high concentration of these oils also
stimulates the lymphatic drainage system, which can help relieve inflammation and
tenderness in the breast area.
• Marula oil, rich in antioxidants, helps to repair and rejuvenate damaged skin.
• Shea Butter and Sesame oils, all deeply penetrating and intensely hydrating, improve skin

100ml flip-top tube

Massage daily into your neck and bust area to ensure
your décolletage remains youthful, radiant and firm.
For best results, use after a bath or shower, while skin
is still warm but dry. Apply generously and massage in
light, upward strokes from the chest to the neck. Use
firm but gentle circular movements around the breasts.
NOTE: Regular massage of the breast area is an effective
way to monitor any changes or abnormal growths in the
breast as well as to improve the integrity of the skin and
firm the underlying layers.
• Perfect Endings Bath Crème (250ml)
• Cellular Boost Tissue Oil for Breasts (50ml)
Plump, youthful breasts and a firmer, younger-looking neck.