Sh’Zen Cell-u-lite Vacuum Therapy


Use this vacuum cup with a massage oil to deliver micro lipo-massage to cellulite problem spots. Rest
the cup against your skin, then squeeze and release it, and pull it upwards over congested areas. It
improves the elasticity and firmness of skin, plus encourages deep lymphatic drainage to rid the body of
cellulite-causing toxins.


With every use, it delivers a focussed form of micro lipo-massage and encourages:
• Lymphatic drainage
• Improved circulation
• Elimination of excess fluids
• Increased skin elasticity
• Improved appearance of cellulite

• Use after a shower when skin is still warm.
• Apply a light layer of the Sh’Zen Deep Tissue Anti-Cellulite Concentrate or Upper Arm and Leg
Contour Gel on your skin.
• Place the Cell-U-Lite Vacuum Therapy on your skin and squeeze the cup to create a vacuum.
• Release to open and vacuum skin.
• Pull the cup slowly upwards towards the inguinal lypmh glands to promote lymph drainage.
Apply twice weekly as a spa therapy – at home.

• Deep Tissue Anti-Cellulite
Concentrate (50ml)
• Upper Arm and Leg Contour
Gel (150g)
• Super Fat Burner (60 vegicaps)
• Any Sh’Zen body oil

Reduced fluid retention
with sculpting and
smoothing benefits.