PhytoExquisites™ Day Cream SPF 30


Restore a youthful radiance with this luxurious day cream that nourishes skin to improve its texture, tone
and elasticity. The floral actives and Pearl extracts ensure long-term hydration while SPF 30 protects
against the harmful effects of the sun.


• Rose, Jasmine and Neroli feed and oxygenate the skin, help to diminish the appearance of fine
lines and preserve the skin’s natural youthfulness. Together they promote skin elasticity and promote
• Baobab, Blackcurrant, Camellia and Avocado oils increase the moisture content of the skin and
deliver essential fatty acids to assist in skin repair and renewal.
• Pearl extracts re-energise the skin and enhances its texture and appearance.
• Floral waters provide long-term hydration.
• SPF 30 protects against the harmful effects of the sun and our environment.
Apply to a perfectly clean face in the morning, or before re-doing your make up. Massage gently into
face and neck with fingertips, using upward circular movements to stimulate circulation.

50ml white tube

• PhytoExquisitesTM Cleansing Cream (125ml)
• PhytoExquisitesTM Floral Hydrating Mist (125ml)
• PhytoExquisitesTM Renewing Night Cream (50ml)
• PhytoExquisitesTM Facial Essence (30ml)

Skin is instantly replenished, rehydrated and protected. With
regular use, texture and elasticity is improved, resulting in a more
youthful-looking complexion.