Natural Essence™ Skin Life Oil


This elixir of 100% natural plant and essentials oils works to purify, repair, restore and rebalance skin,
while its fresh, citrus scent delights the senses. Use it at night and whenever skin needs extra care
and comfort. It’s the perfect medium for a toning facial massage and will leave skin soft and radiant.
It may seem counter intuitive to use a facial oil on oily skin, but essential oils are natural healers that
can actually decrease oil production, unlike harsh treatments that often aggravate skin irritation and
stimulate sebum output.

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• Bergamot, Camphor, Cypress and Grapefruit help to regulate sebum output, decongest pores
and treat bacterial infection.
• Lavender soothes, calms and revitalises skin.
• Lemon essential oil works as a natural antiseptic to help clear bacterial skin eruptions.
• Juniper Berry detoxifies and clarifies skin.
• Geranium balances and rejuvenates skin.
• Wheatgerm contains Vitamins A, D and E and works to regenerate scar tissue.
• Apricot Kernel oil is superfine and penetrates quickly to leave skin silky soft.
• Aloe Ferox actively heals skin while providing deep hydration.
• Jojoba moisturises and softens the epidermis without leaving an oily residue.
Apply a few drops onto clean skin, morning and evening. Pressure point massage into the face and neck
with the fingertips, working from the centre of the face to the temples and the ears in a lymph draining
massage. Oily, combination skin often suffers from surface dryness due to incorrect facial procedures.
The skin feels sensitized and rough, and the oil output is increased through
stripping the skin by repeated washing. Using this restorative Skin Life Oil on
a daily basis, applying a few drops and working it into the skin, will quickly
alleviate discomfort and bring new life and health to the complexion.
30ml glass bottle with pump applicator
• Natural EssenceTM Purifying Cleansing Wash (125ml)
• Natural EssenceTM Balancing Toner (125ml)
• Natural EssenceTM Matifying Day Cream SPF 30 (50ml)
• Natural EssenceTM Clarifying Exfoliant (75ml)
• Natural EssenceTM Rescue Clay Mask (75ml)
• Natural EssenceTM Clearing Lotion (30ml)
• Clear Skin Complex (60 tablets)
Purified, repaired, restored and rebalanced skin.