Natural Essence™ Matifying Day Cream SPF30


This velvety day cream provides long-term hydration and sun protection while keeping skin decongested
and clear. Aloe Ferox and Jojoba oils provide a storehouse of natural nourishment that leaves skin
perfectly hydrated, soft and protected without increasing oiliness. Use it daily to ensure skin stays
healthy, supple and shine free.


• Aloe Ferox oil is packed with the vitamins, enzymes, proteins and minerals that support all skin
functions. It maintains moisture levels, stimulates circulation, tightens and rejuvenates tissue, treats
infected pores, and restores a natural radiance.
• Jojoba is rich in Vitamin E and other antioxidants, and absorbs well to nourish skin without leaving it
feeling oily. It also has an excellent anti-inflammatory action on congested, inflamed skin.
• Wheatgerm repairs and regenerates skin.
• Geranium helps rejuvenate cells to keep skin youthful and glowing.
• The Natural EssenceTM blend of essential oils stabilises sebum production, detoxifies skin and
prevents the spread of spot-causing bacteria.
• Astringent Lemon and Juniper Berry help decongest pores and matify oily skin.

Apply daily to a perfectly cleansed face and neck, or before re-applying
your make-up. Massage into the skin with feather light strokes for a
smooth, matt complexion.

50ml tube

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• Natural EssenceTM Balancing Toner (125ml)
• Natural EssenceTM Skin Life Oil (30ml)

Moisturised, protected and rebalanced skin.