Impaired skin barrier… The topic that is on everyones lips.

Skin feeling dry, tight and irritated is a common thing that we come across on a daily basis.  This normally is an indication that our skin barrier is impaired and not functioning properly and causes our skin to be reactive. 

What is the Skin Barrier? 

Our skin barrier the outermost layer of our skin cell, as well as the lipid matrix of our skin and, is responsible to hold our cells together. The function of our barrier is to help retain moisture and defend our skin against external irritants like bacteria and environmental debris from penetrating through our skin causing sensitive reactions. Our barrier is made out of lipids that bind our skin cells together, and when this is all intact our skin feels soft and it acts calm and healthy. The skin of an intact barrier will be plump, smooth, radiant and soft.   

When our skin barrier gets damaged/impaired it creates small invisible cracks in our skin, the moisture in our skin escapes the skin more easily and it allows irritants to enter our skin very easily. This causes our skin to become more reactive and leads to tight, dry and sensitive skin.

Symptoms of an impaired barrier include: 

• Redness • Rosacea • Flakiness • Peeling • Dryness from the lack of oil in the skin • Dehydration from the lack of water in the skin   • Tightness due to the dehydration. • Skin feels sensitive and gets easily irritated • Itchiness • Rough skin to the touch • Stinging or burning sensation when products are applied • Crepiness and fine lines • Skin rashes like eczema (atopic dermatitis) • Increased breakouts

What causes our skin barrier to get damaged? 

• Over Exfoliation of the skin • Harsh cleansing products • Topical prescription products for acne • Alcohol-based toners • Not protecting our skin from the sun • Daily use of acidic ingredients • High concentrations of essential oils and citrus oils. • Smoking • Dry climate • Long airplane flights • Air conditioners • Medications

And the list goes on…

How can we at Essel help you fix those impaired barriers? 

In Salon Treatments

Destress Signature Essel Facial 

We will cleanse with DNA Epinew Maxi Cleanse and Aesthet Foaming Cleanser.

Apply Aesthet Ezymatic Keratopeel to selectively eliminate dead skin cells by a gentle enzymatic peeling to smooth the skin surface and promote cell renewal. It is a safe type of enzymatic exfoliation which does not require harsh conditions such as abrasion and a highly acidic pH and therefore is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive and fragile skin. Hypoallergenic and provides deep and long-lasting hydration of the skin by reinforcing the resistance of corneocytes against dehydration. It accelerates the cell turnover leading to a smoother and younger looking skin.

After that, we will apply Stem cell mask and massage it gently in. It is a unique skin repairing serum, which combines plant derived stem cells cultivated from Argan tree and Comfrey roots. They help to boost the regenerative capacity of ageing epidermal and dermal stem cells, increase skin turnover, improve skin firmness and density. Addition of natural extract from the aerial part of Onopordum Acanthium helps to heal and repair dry and damaged skin and visible delay the natural process of ageing.

Easing you in we will start the facial massage with the face with Humankind Tissue Oil Cream. Besides the fact that the cream relieves dry, stressed and dehydrated skin – Comforts and helps relieve dehydrated, stressed and dry skin, the massaging techniques will release tensed shoulder, neck and facial muscles simultaneously stimulating blood circulation to skin that helps with numerous skin conditions and improve product penetration.

After the massage your skin will be very receptive for a good penetrating mask like the DeStress Cooling mask with Chamomilla recutita extract that has strong anti-inflammatory and skin anti-irritant properties. Cooling agents in the formula help to reduce inflammation and contribute to stress relieve.

Ending off, we apply Aesthet Post-treatment moisturizer SPF 30 from DNA EpiNew.

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